To DHS Graduates of the Classes of ’65 and ’66
and to Marine Corps Brats in the 1960s

A Christmas Greeting & Gift
from Terry Lee Hamilton
DHS Class of ’66 and Marine Corps Brat

Terry and Jan Hamilton

Terry and Jan Hamilton
Classes of ’66 and ’71

Merry Christmas! God’s blessings on you and your family as we celebrate the birth of Jesus!

I have never sent a Christmas greeting to fellow DHS graduates (or to fellow Marine Corps brats) in the 50 years (or 49!) since we all graduated as the first two graduating classes of Dougherty High School. . .

But this year is different. This year, on October 2 and 3, at the 50th Anniversary graduation reunion at Chehaw Park, my wife Jan (class of ’71) and I were blessed beyond measure.

We were blessed beyond measure because Jan and I made a concerted effort to be friendlier to old friends and classmates, and fellow Marine Corps brats, and in return, so many of you were so friendly to Jan and me. Thank you, and God bless you.

Joys and sorrows. All of us have had many joys and many sorrows in the last 50 years. For example, Jan and I have spent the last 31 years living on the cold, snowy banks of Lake Erie in northeast Ohio, just 30 miles from Canada. More seriously, our hearts were especially touched by the tragedy suffered by David Summerall (class of ’66), who lost his 41-year-old son Michael in a car accident the weekend before our 50th Graduation Anniversary reunion.

Most of us cannot imagine the grief and sorrow that David and Carla have been going through; and we wouldn’t want to. Jan and I tried to comfort them in their grief and sorrow, praying for them, sharing their pain and sorrow because Jan and I went through the same loss 17 years ago when our 13-year-old daughter Glory was killed in a car accident in Macon.

My heart and Jan’s heart were deeply touched by talking with David and Carla, and also talking with so many of you. Thank you for being so kind and friendly to us.

GraduationSpecial thanks goes to my brother, Bob Hamilton (class of ’65), who has stayed in touch with our high school classmates much better than I have done during the last 50 years. Because of Bob’s encouragement, Jan and I had been to the two previous reunions; and he encouraged us again to attend the 50th, and perhaps final, high school graduation reunion.

Let me also say thanks to all those who organized and helped in all of these reunions, especially Joey Bateman and Carol Inlow Wiggins.

Marine CorpsI also want to say a special thank you to two of my friends and classmates, who are fellow Marine Corps brats. First of all, Rex Wooldridge brought back many years of memories at the Marine Corps base as well as at DHS. Secondly, Perry Shimanoff, one of the friendliest souls you will ever meet, was at the reunion. Both Perry and Rex were in much better shape then I am. At the October 2-3 reunion, Perry gave me a FREE copy of his new novel, Shustermeyer: An Unauthorized Biography of a United States Marine Corps Reserve Lieutenant (available on Amazon), a delightful, rollicking mystery drawing upon Perry’s own life in the Marine Corps Reserves.

* * * * * * * * *

A FREE Christmas Gift to My Fellow DHS Graduates and Marine Corps Brats in the 1960s

Perry’s gracious gift to me in October inspired me to do something similar this Christmas — a FREE Christmas gift to my fellow graduates in the classes of ’65 and ’66 and to my fellow Marine Corps brats in the 1960s.

All 7 of The Methuselah Chronicles BooksJust as Perry gave me a FREE gift of his novel, I want to offer to you this Christmas a FREE gift of one of my historical novels — Methuselah’s Father, Book One of the seven-book series of novels entitled The Methuselah Chronicles.

The Methuselah Chronicles is a series of historical novels bringing to life the brief glimpses of people, triumphs, and tragedies of the first 1,500 years of human history, as recorded in the first eleven chapters of the book of Genesis. Set in the time before the Flood, these seven historical novels trace the lives of Enoch (the man who “walked with God”), Enoch’s son Methuselah (the oldest man who ever lived — 969 years!), and Methuselah’s grandson Noah (the “just” and “righteous” man who also “walked with God” and built Noah’s Ark).

These men and their wives overcame, through faith in God, the same problems facing families today. Many readers of The Methuselah Chronicles have stated that this book series is their favorite book series of all time.

Methuselah's FatherMy desire this Christmas season is to give you a FREE copy of Book One — Methuselah’s Father. All you have to do to receive this Christmas gift is to click on the button below and we will send it to you right away. You will need to enter code DHS15 to get the FREE gift and FREE shipping. Once you enter the coupon code, the cart will automatically eliminate the price and shipping fee.

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If you want to learn more about each of the 7 books in The Methuselah Chronicles, just click on the author website at

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If you want to learn more about other materials written by Terry Lee Hamilton for families and local churches, just go here

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Just as all of us DHS grads this year are celebrating our 50th Anniversary of our high school graduation, Glory to Glory Ministries has been celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year (1990-2015).

In gratitude to all of the people who have purchased and enjoyed our Glory to Glory CDs, novels, curriculum, and musicals during our first 25 years of ministry to families and to local churches, we want to offer to fellow DHS grads and Marine Corps brats this special Christmas sale in celebration of our 25th Anniversary:

25% OFF Everything!

If you want more information about this once in a lifetime sale, check out the details at G2G’s Christmas newsletter. This sale expires on December 31, 2015.

If you order the entire series of The Methuselah Chronicles, or any other G2G materials before December 15, 2015, we will make sure that your order will be received before Christmas.

* * * * * * * * *

This Christmas season, I hope and pray that you become acquainted…or better acquainted, with what God has been doing in the lives of Terry and Jan Hamilton in the last 50 years. But much more importantly, I hope and pray that you become acquainted…or better acquainted with “the reason for the season — Jesus!” MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Terry Lee Hamilton

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