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“Just wanted to encourage you today. We are using The First 2,000 Years of Baptist History in our Adult Sunday School at Page Valley Baptist. The response and input from the class has been a blessing. The people truly seem to be ‘awed’ by the Baptist History of our nation and Virginia. Thanks.”

Pastor Gary Nicholson – Luray, Virginia

“Hi. We just performed Easter Means More Than Bunny Rabbits and what a hit it was. It was truly a blessing for each of the children involved and for the people who came to see the play. I wanted to thank you for offering such fantastic plays and pray that you are blessed many times over for providing these fantastic plays.”

Wendy Sanden

“I do not read a whole lot of books, but your books are really hard to put down and continue to read.”

Steve Herbcha

“Hi! I met Terry Hamilton at a conference in NC in July. I bought all 6 of The Methuselah Chronicles at that time. I love them! They are wonderful! I just wanted to let you know that. I have enjoyed the books so much and it has made me want to read the Bible even more. It has been interesting to read about the Bible characters in the books and feel like I know them and understand what may have happened to them – because the Bible does not tell us a lot about some of them! Thanks again. The Lord has truly given you a special gift of writing! Any plans for any more series? Thanks.”

Beth Weeks

“Our son ‘raced’ through your Book series on The Methuselah Chronicles. When will the next series be ready to order? Shem’s Chronicles?”

Jay Hanger

“Just wanted you to know everyone that has read your books LOVE them and hate for them to end. Terry, will there be any more? Thank you for all that you do.”

Colette Kangas

“My mother and I just finished all seven books of The Methuselah Chronicles. Neither one of us wanted to see the series end. All of these books were hard to put down, and I can honestly say that I sat up many nights until the wee hours of the morning because I wanted to read just one more chapter. I have been recommending this series to all of my friends on Facebook. Thank you so much for this enlightening and encouraging series.”


“Mr. Hamilton, I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I have enjoyed reading The Methuselah Chronicles. I have finished the first one, half way through the second one, and can’t wait to read them. I have a note pad next to me to make notes when I read it about who they are and the family connections. I find it very interesting. I have never read a book that has made me want to do a simultaneous Bible study on it. Thanks again, they are definitely making an impact on me.”

Wendy Neese – Greensboro, NC

“I would like to order 5 more copies of Book One. I have several members in my church that have suddenly become interested after mentioning the book in the adult Sunday school class.”

Charles Parton – West Chester, OH

"My sons and I were wondering if there was going to be a sequel series to The Methuselah Chronicles. We have enjoyed reading and re-reading those stories. We pray you are in good health and that our Lord is using you for His honor and glory.”

David Dorris and sons

“Dear Mr. Terry Hamilton,
I am Hannah Hansford. I finished Noah’s Folly tonight after church! I love all of your books in The Methuselah Chronicles. They have helped me understand some of the early Biblical History, starting with Adam—finishing with Noah’s sons. I learned a lot about the exact details of how big the ark really was. I understand better what some of the problems Noah might have faced while building a massive ark.”

“I hope that you get to write and finish The Chronicles of Shem. I will enjoy reading them. I hope that some day I will be able to write books as interesting and amazing as your books. I can only imagine how many hours went into these books. I hope that maybe in the future many other people will read these books and learn what I learned. You write as to make it easy for someone like me, a twelve year old (almost thirteen), can understand and be amazed at so many details. Keep writing and I will keep reading.”

Hannah Hansford

“Terry Hamilton — husband, father, Christian, attorney, author, music composer! His novels, Junior Church curriculum, Boot the Mule tapes, and his musicals have been a blessing to many individuals and churches. They are based on solid Bible teaching. Anything produced by Glory to Glory Ministries can be trusted for you and your church. It is sure to be a blessing!”

Dr. Roy Thompson

“Diana and I have been friends with Terry and Jan Hamilton for many years. We had the special privilege of knowing them even before Glory was born! They have been faithful and beloved friends ever since.”

“Their consistent walk with God and availability to those in crisis mark their extra-mile Christian spirits. Both have inspired us personally in many practical ways and served as examples of godly friends, consecrated parents, and co-ministers in the work of the Lord.”

“The Lord has blessed them for their faithful, sincere walk with Him. Their exemplary character and burden to minister to others has only been enlarged since the inception of Boot the Mule and Glory to Glory Ministries. These ministries glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and have been excellent tools in helping boys and girls joyfully follow after the Lord, and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

“It is our delight to heartily endorse this ministry.”

Brian and Diana Starre – The H.E.A.R.T. Ministry

“[Mr. Hamilton’s] stories of Methuselah, his kin, and their experiences are fascinating and will carry your imagination along . . . I especially appreciate the way Scriptural concepts are interwoven into the story. Mr. Hamilton uses the very words of Scripture to teach truth.”

Dr. John D. Morris, President, Institute of Creation Research

“As homeschooling parents, we are continually looking for quality reading material for our three daughters. We praise the Lord that He has given Terry The Methuselah Chronicles. Our daughters devour them . . . Action, intrigue, romance, sorrow, and joy are all contained within this series, enveloped in a Christian framework and suitable for the entire family.”

Attorneys Fred and Mary Storm

“Hello!! I am writing to tell you that I received the book, Crista’s Story today in the mail. I saw the package and immediately opened it. During my lunch break, I read the whole book. It took me 1 hour and 10 minutes, but I finished it! I just couldn’t put it down! It is definitely a very fitting sequel to Bound for Glory. I cannot wait until the next book comes out! Keep up the good work.”

“P.S. Is the next book going to be longer?”

Deanna Cole

“Who reaches a preacher’s kid with the Gospel? Boot the Mule and his friends! As a young child, our daughter Joy accepted Christ as Savior while in the car, following questions and answers generated from a Boot the Mule tape. We are thankful that God used Terry Hamilton’s vision for a mule named ‘Boot’ to touch our daughter’s heart.”

Judy Jones, pastor’s wife and homeschooling mom, Ashtabula, OH

“We purchased some of the Boot the Mule products and the children love them! My youngest daughter, who is 9, listens to the tapes often.”

Mrs. Jackie Kennedy, pastor’s wife – Gospel Light Baptist Church, Warsaw, NC

"The play was wonderful. We did this with the children and some of the teenagers. The people of the church really liked the message.”

Mrs. Sherrie Payne, pastor’s wife – Alliance Baptist Temple, Alliance, OH

“I teach Thru the Bible with Boot the Mule at my church. I love it, and more importantly, the kids love it. They especially love Oscar. I love to hear the cheers when they hear the Harley. Thank you for your ministry!!!”

Laura Bunce – Victory Baptist Temple, Brimfield, OH

"My name is John Diehl and I am writing you to let you know what a blessing your Junior Church materials have been to us at Missionary Bible Baptist Church. I was asked to lead our Junior Church program about a year ago by our pastor, Mark Rohnke. After agreeing to oversee the Junior Church program, my pastor gave me some sample material to look over called Thru the Bible with Boot the Mule. After briefly viewing the curriculum, the teachers and I agreed that we would give it a try.”

“What a blessing it has turned out to be! Within the first few weeks, we had several kids either get saved or assurance of salvation. We have three teen boys running the puppet ministry, which has been a huge blessing to me and them. All three of these boys have really played the parts, and are enjoying serving the Lord in this way. My dear wife has become known as Mrs. Gloria VanderBoot by all the kids. Several of our other adults have come to visit as guests (Mrs. Mule, George the Mule, Noah) to help us teach God’s Word in a fun and enjoyable way.”

John M. Diehl, Junior Church Director – Missionary Bible Baptist Church, Hanover, PA

“Our first year has been really fun and we have seen some eternal results!”

Carol Fritz – First Baptist Church, Amboy, IL

“We were so blessed as we enjoyed doing for our church Back to Bethlehem. We had folks say it was the best Christmas play they had ever seen. The Lord certainly helped us, and it was very good. We would like to purchase the play The Christmas Doll for next year.”

“We are also ten lessons from completing the 3 year curriculum of Thru the Bible with Boot the Mule. I’m looking forward to starting it all over again. We are a small church, but we have seen 9 children saved through your program.”

Sharon Humphries – Hot Springs Baptist Church, Covington, VA