I want to invite you to Milford, Ohio, on November 3-5, 2016, for the Loving and Leading Children’s Conference sponsored by First Baptist Church, Pastor Bill Duttry, and by Master Clubs General Director, Dan Jessup. This conference will host over 100 workshops to better equip Sunday School teachers, Junior Church leaders and workers, Master Club leaders and workers, teen sponsors, and others who are burdened by God to “target the next generation.” Please check out the website at www.lovingandleading.org.

Terry’s Junior Church Workshops

Dan Jessup invited me to conduct the following Junior Church workshops to inspire and to train Junior Church leaders and workers to reach and teach the next generation:

  1. Junior Church Curriculum: “THRU THE BIBLE with BOOT THE MULE”
  2. Keeping “Church” in Junior Church: Effective Ideas for a Spirit-filled Service
  3. Fitly Framed: Recruiting, Training, and Maintaining Godly Relationships among Junior Church Workers
  4. Dealing with Discipline Problems in Junior Church: Undisciplined Children and Undisciplined Salvation Decisions

If you are interested in reaching boys and girls for Jesus, plan to come to LLC. We would love to see you there.


In our first workshop, Terry and his team of helpers will help to bring to life Terry’s 3-year Junior Church curriculum, “THRU THE BIBLE with BOOT THE MULE,” which has been used in over 150 Independent Baptist churches across America and around the world.

God has raised up a team of helpers to make this and each workshop come alive with
live music and puppets. Check out the photos of our team — (1) Terry and Jan Hamilton, (2) Terry and the Puppets, and (3) their daughter Joy King and the King Kids Trio (Shonda, Dayanna, and Brennon). Each workshop will be a blessing to you.

Terry and Jan Hamilton      

Testimony of a God-Appointed Meeting in the Shenandoah Valley

Let me say that I am honored to be invited to present these workshops at the LLC in Milford. Let me now share the testimony of how it came about that Dan Jessup, the new General Director of Master Clubs, invited me to conduct these workshops at the LLC.

In January 2012, I was invited to conduct a legal workshop at a pastor’s fellowship in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. The day prior to the pastor’s fellowship, I was invited to preach at Lighthouse Baptist Church, Pastor Dave Martin, in Winchester. I had a wonderful time with Pastor Martin and his church folks. His Assistant Pastor, Dan Jessup, kindly offered to drive me the hour or so down the Shenandoah Valley the next morning to the pastor’s fellowship.

While Dan and I drove together, we discovered that we shared a common love for children’s ministries and for writing plays.

  • Dan shared with Terry how his church and other churches had produced his play about Baptist preacher James Ireland, who had been imprisoned in Culpeper, Virginia, for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ without a license from the colonial government.
  • Terry shared with Dan about (1) the four Christmas and Easter musical plays I had written and (2) the Junior Church curriculum I had written, “THRU THE BIBLE with BOOT THE MULE.”


Little did Dan Jessup and I know then that God was going to lead Dan, just a few years later, to become the General Director of Master Clubs, a ministry of First Baptist Church of Milford, Ohio. Little did I know then that God was using that January drive through the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in 2012 to lead me to Milford, Ohio, in November 2016.

But God knew. And I hope God leads you to Milford, Ohio, to the Loving and Leading Children’s Conference on November 3-5. Hope to see you there.

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