Last month, we reported on the upcoming Loving and Leading Children’s Conference at First Baptist Church, Milford, Ohio, hosted by Pastor Bill Duttry and Master Ministries Executive Director Dan Jessup. In this newsletter, we are reporting to you on how that conference turned out.

The LLC on November 3-5 was AWESOME! In the largest LLC conference in that church’s history, over 400 Christian workers from as far away as Colorado and North Carolina gathered together for three days of training to better learn how to reach and teach boys and girls for Jesus. Let me mention three of the many blessings of the conference.

1. 400 fellow believers burdened to reach children.

I have had a burden, vision, and call of reaching boys and girls for Jesus for over 40 years. Perhaps the most AWESOME thing about the conference was just hanging around with and fellowshipping with over 400 Christians who have the same burden that I have for the next generation. Among other wonderful speakers were two families of children’s workers who have given their lives to training the next generation:

  • The Howard Caldwell family (3 generations) at
  • Ted and Jo Mock and their special friend Rocky at
2. Training fellow believers burdened to reach children.

It was my honor and privilege to be invited by Dan Jessup, the new Executive Director of Master Club Ministries, to teach several workshops. As stated in the LLC Speaker Biography section of the LLC notebook:

“With over 30 years of teaching children in Junior Church, Attorney Terry Lee Hamilton is
uniquely qualified to help Independent Baptist churches to grow their Junior Church ministry
and to protect the church from legal problems.”

Bro. Jessup invited me to conduct four different workshops for Junior Church workers, including:

  • Introducing our Junior Church curriculum: “THRU THE BIBLE with BOOT THE MULE.”
  • Fitly Framed: Recruiting, Training, and Maintaining Junior Church Workers.
  • Keeping “Church” in Junior Church.
  • Dealing with Discipline Problems in Junior Church.

Each of those Junior Church workshops were filled with Christian workers eager to learn and eager to share there experiences in Junior Church with others.

In addition, Bro. Jessup invited me to teach a couple of legal workshops in the main auditorium on a couple of timely legal topics:

  • Protecting Your Children in the Midst of the Homosexual and Transgender Revolution.
  • After Losing the Cultural War, What Cultural and Legal Challenges Will Our Children Face in the Next Generation?

It was my privilege to instruct and to encourage Christian teachers and leaders to take a stand for children in these “perilous times.”

3. King Kids Trio Sing Boot the Mule Songs

Without a doubt, the most precious moments of the awesome LLC conference were in the Junior Church workshops when the King Kids Trio sang original Boot the Mule songs to train the Christian workers and to give them a taste of the 101 Songs which are a key component of the 3-year, Genesis to Revelation Junior Church curriculum: “THRU THE BIBLE with BOOT THE MULE.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, the King Kids Trio are three of my precious grandchildren — Shonda, Dayanna, and Brennon — led by our daughter, Joy King, who also sings in one of the Boot songs. You can see the videos of them singing below.

If you love children and want to better equip yourself to reach the next generation, I could not recommend a better conference to attend next year than Loving and Leading Children’s Conference, First Baptist Church, Milford, OH. I hope I see you there.

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