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The Methuselah Chronicles

Set in the time before the Flood, this series of Bible-based novels traces the lives of Enoch, Methuselah, and Noah as they overcome, through faith in God, the same problems facing families today. The Methuselah Chronicles, written by Christian attorney and author Terry Lee Hamilton, are aimed at teenagers and adults; in addition, as pointed out by Dr. John D. Morris, President, Institute of Creation Research, in his foreword to the first book, these novels are excellent reading material for family devotions.

1. Methuselah's Father

Methuselah's Father, the first book in the life of Enoch, tells the story of how Enoch's peaceful, country life is devastated by the kidnapping of Enoch's twelve-year-old daughter Crista by the thug Arphaxad. This family tragedy causes Enoch to search for God, leading Enoch to Adam and Eve and ultimately the Garden of Eden. (253 pages)

Read the foreword by Dr. John D. Morris, President, Institute of Creation Research

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Methuselah's Father
2. The First Prophet

The First Prophet, the exciting story of Enoch's first hesitant steps as a prophet, traces Enoch's path to God's surprising choice of Enoch's traveling companion, and their first journey together to the City of Cain. The book culminates with a dramatic confrontation with the evil forces of Cain in the same city where Enoch's daughter was kidnapped. (289 pages)

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The First Prophet
3. Bound for Glory

Bound for Glory, a novel of the First Rapture, inevitably leads Enoch to his final showdown with Cain, a never-forgotten moment in which the forces of good prevail over the forces of evil. But before Enoch leaves this world, in an unforgettable scene of compassion, God makes good on His precious promise that Enoch will be reunited with his long-lost daughter Crista. (244 pages)

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Bound for Glory
4. Crista's Story

Crista's Story begins with Crista's touching farewell to Adam, her journey home to Enoch's homestead, and her tearful reunion with her mother, Sarah. Then, in a series of flashbacks, Crista tells the dramatic story of her kidnapping at age twelve by the thug Arphaxad, her subsequent sale to Captain Blackheart, the most notorious slave trader on Earth, and her miraculous escape to a faraway island where she finds love and the Lord. (265 pages)

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Crista's Story Book
5. The Road to Noah

The Road to Noah begins with a murderous assault on Enoch's homestead by the thug Og. Taking up his father's mantle and the staff of God, Methuselah travels with his sister to the City of Cain for an explosive confrontation with Saaga, Cain's successor. After a truce is declared, Methuselah and Crista develop a revival ministry which confronts the increasing ungodliness in the world before the Flood. But the forces of evil continue to plot to thwart God's promises of the birth of Noah and the coming of the Redeemer. Crista's long wait for the return of the love of her life is finally realized, just in time for her and Methuselah to race home to prevent the fiery destruction of the first family of faith. (300 pages)

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Road to Noah
6. Raising Noah

Raising Noah starts with the first day of Noah's life, then continues for the first eighteen years of Noah's life. Although Noah was "perfect in his generations," he was not some superhuman superhero. Just as each one of us has individual imperfections that God must work on, likewise did Noah. The forces of evil continue to plot against Noah and try to thwart God's promise of the coming of the Redeemer. But God's protection and promises prevail! Raising Noah is a book of hope, as reflected in Genesis 6:8: "But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD." (300 pages)

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Raising Noah
7. Noah's Folly

Noah's Folly is the seventh and final book in The Methuselah Chronicles. In this book Noah's faith, tested by the barrenness of the world and of his wife's womb, is revitalized by God's unexpected command: "Make thee an ark". (322 pages)

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Noah's Folly
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