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Biblical Resources for your Church and Family

Biblical Historical Novels for Teens and Adults

The Methuselah Chronicles is a seven-book series of historical novels set in the time before the Flood, tracing the lives of Enoch, Methuselah, and Noah as they overcome, through faith in God, the same problems facing families today.

Methuselah's Father

Baptist History Curriculum

The First 2,000 Years of Baptist History – Baptist Curriculum on the Crucial Role of Baptist Doctrine and Baptist History in Contending for the Faith, in Spreading the Gospel, and in Advancing Religious and Civil Liberty

Baptist History Curriculum

Boot the Mule Musical Adventures for Children

Join Boot the Mule, the engineer on The Bible Express, as he travels around the world telling boys and girls about Jesus.

Introducing Boot the Mule Cd

Junior Church Curriculum

Join the dozens of other churches which have started using THRU THE BIBLE with BOOT THE MULE, a three-year Genesis to Revelation program for a Bible-believing church with a heart for reaching children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The curriculum includes 101 songs and weekly puppet skits.


Christmas and Easter Musicals

Join the hundreds of other churches which have performed these exciting musicals guaranteed to touch peoples' hearts and funny bones.

Christmastime or Tinseltime Musical