It would be nice to report to you that Boot the Mule finally made it back home to the USA after his extended evangelistic journey to South Korea with Miranda Walczak, Sarah Spurgeon, and other members of the Longview Bible Baptist Church missionary team from Longview, Washington.

Alas, Boot and a couple of his friends did not make the journey back home to the USA. Rather, Boot and the rest of the missionary team had such a wonderful and blessed time in South Korea — telling boys and girls about Jesus — that Boot the Mule, Oscar the Pig, and his cousin, Cecilia Swine, decided to stay to keep the evangelistic ministry going.

Boot is very humble about his evangelistic endeavors, so let me share with you some of the missionary team’s blessings in a small church in Asan, South Korea — as told by Mrs. Tanja Walczak, mother of Boot’s good friend, Miranda Walczak.

Cecilia and Oscar and Mrs. Gloria VanderBoot [Boot’s Aunt Gloria, the world’s foremost authority on mule manners] had a great time teaching the kids American songs, games, and most importantly, lessons from the Bible…
The children in Asan were very receptive to the teaching from Boot and the gang, and the teens and young adults there were revived… [They] are looking forward to the excitement of a new ministry as Boot, Cecilia, and Oscar have decided to stay with them for the year, and possibly indefinitely.
[Explanation from Mrs. Walczak: “We left the puppets with them after the mission trip was complete. They are loving them!”]

Before the entire missionary team left South Korea, they took several photos, including the following:
Cecilia Swine posed with her friends Miranda and Sarah. Cecilia is the blonde in the middle.

Boot the Mule and Smithfield the Swine posed from their high-rise hotel room in Asan.

The large group picture is of the many Korean kids and teachers who absolutely loved the program.

The smaller group picture is of the teens and young adults at the church who will be continuing on with the program throughout the year.

In 2017, please pray for Boot and all of his new friends in Asan, South Korea as they continue to reach boys and girls for Christ. Who knows where Boot’s next adventure will take him?

All of us at Glory to Glory Ministries rejoice at the vision, desire, and hard work of the Longview Bible Baptist Church in reaching boys and girls for Christ through the 3-year, Genesis to Revelation Junior Church program.

THRU THE BIBLE with BOOT THE MULE is a great training vehicle for teens and young adults at your church, too. Please check out the Junior Church Curriculum page for more information about how you can reach boys and girls for Christ in your community.

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