One of the miracles of Glory to Glory Ministries is all of the original music contained in our resources for both home and church, including:

  • Boot the Mule musical adventures on CD.
  • Christmas and Easter musicals for the local church,
  • 101 Songs THRU THE BIBLE with BOOT THE MULE, a key component of Glory to Glory’s 3-year, Genesis to Revelation Junior Church curriculum.

Some of the Glory to Glory songs are written by the musically gifted and trained Attorney Fred Storm, the voice of Boot the Mule. But in an astonishing display of the grace of God, most of the Glory to Glory songs are written by the musically ungifted and untrained Attorney Terry Lee Hamilton! (Maybe in a later newsletter, Terry can share how God miraculously “enabled” him to write nearly 400 songs).

Many of Terry’s children’s songs made the cut for 101 Songs THRU THE BIBLE with BOOT THE MULE. By God’s grace, three of Terry and Jan Hamilton’s grandchildren were “enabled” to sing a few of those songs at the national Loving and Leading Children’s Conference on November 3-5 at First Baptist Church of Milford. In a subsequent article, you can read about that AWESOME conference.

For now, as a Christmas gift to you, please take the time to listen to the following six Songs THRU THE BIBLE with BOOT THE MULE, as sung by the King Kids Trio — Shonda, Dayanna, and Brennon King.

1. A Servant with a Teachable Heart

This song, the opening song of each of the 156 lessons in our 3-year, Genesis through Revelation Junior Church curriculum is a Scripture song emphasizing the importance of Junior Church children studying the Word of God.

2. Don’t Be a Whiner

The children of Israel whined and murmured and complained throughout their wilderness wanderings. Children are taught “don’t be a whiner,” but rather to “Just follow the Lord. He will provide each step of the way.”

3. Boot the Mule’s Official Book of Mule History and Behavior

Each of the 156 lessons has a puppet skit, based on that week’s Bible lesson, involving Boot the Mule and his friends — including Oscar the Pig, Smithfield the Swine, Cecilia Swine, and Boot’s Aunt Gloria VanderBoot, the world’s foremost authority on mule manners. At the beginning of each puppet skit, Boot leads the children in this mule puppet song.

4. Don’t Sit, Sit, Sit in the Pit, Pit, Pit

Young Joseph was thrown into a pit by his older brothers. Many children are picked on or bullied by their older siblings or classmates. This action song exhorts the children not to have a pit-y party, but rather to “get down on your knees and pray.”

5. Jesus Rose Up from the Grave

In this classic action Easter song, the children learn that even the devil couldn’t keep Jesus in the tomb. “Hallelujah, Jesus rose up from the grave.”

6. The Rules of the Ark

In our last song, we introduce Mrs. Mule (played by Joy King, mother of Shonda, Dayanna, and Brennon) as she instructs the animals on Noah’s Ark on how to properly behave in a storm; we wouldn’t want the animals, or Junior Church children, to rock the boat.

Enjoy the music videos and check out our Junior Church curriculum and other resources for the home and church. God bless you all and have a very Merry, Christ-centered Christmas!

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