Boot the Mule, a direct descendant of the only talking animal in history (see Numbers 22), is the engineer on The Bible Express, a Gospel train that travels all over the world to tell boys and girls about Jesus. Boot has recently traveled to South Korea to tell boys and girls about Jesus.

Let me tell you Boot’s story.

The Birth of Boot the Mule in Cleveland, Ohio

Boot-the-MuleBoot was born in November 1984 when Pastor Roy Thompson, Cleveland Baptist Church, Ohio, preached his famous message out of Numbers 22, “If God Can Use a Talking Mule, He Can Use Me.” Sitting in the congregation that evening, I envisioned a talking mule, patterned somewhat after Pastor Thompson, traveling all over the world on a Gospel train, telling boys and girls about Jesus. After that original idea, Boot the Mule and The Bible Express got a head of steam and started taking off.

Boot Moves to Ashtabula, Ohio

I started writing the original Boot the Mule musical adventure in Cleveland, but the stories and songs didn’t take off until I moved to Ashtabula, Ohio, in 1989. My wife and children eventually joined Lighthouse Baptist Church, where I made acquaintance with fellow attorneys Fred and Mary Storm. Fred liked my Boot songs and expressed interest in developing our first Boot the Mule musical adventure.

With the financial help of friends Brian and Diana Starre and musical help from Pastor John Jones and his wife Judy, Fred and I started producing a series of four Boot musical adventures, taking Boot to the Wild West, to Pascamula, Mississippi, and to Christmas City. Many family members and church members helped Fred and I produce these four tapes/CDs, which were purchased by Christians in dozens of countries around the world.

Boot Starts Teaching Boys and Girls in Junior Church

In the early 1990s, Pastor Jones encouraged Terry to write Junior Church curriculum using Boot the Mule and other animal puppets to teach boys and girls about Jesus. That inspiration led to Thru the Bible with Boot the Mule, a 3-year, Genesis to Revelation curriculum with weekly Bible lesson, puppet skits with Boot and friends, and 101 original Boot the Mule songs.

Boot’s teaching and singing ministry to children spread all over America and the world as Boot the Mule, Oscar the Pig, Smithfield the Swine, and Cecilia Swine appeared weekly in over 200 churches. One of those churches is Longview Bible Baptist Church, Longview, Washington.

Boot Travels from Longview, Washington, to South Korea

Longview, WA, on the Columbia River, is 40 miles west of Mt. St. Helens and 50 miles east of the Pacific Ocean. Darrin House is the pastor of Longview Bible Baptist Church, which has been using “Thru the Bible with Boot the Mule” for several years. The Junior Church staff and children love Boot, and Boot loves them.

Two young ladies in the church, Miranda Walczak and Sarah Spurgeon, planning on taking a missions trip to South Korea in August 2016, decided that they would be more effective in reaching boys and girls in that country if they invited Boot the Mule, that widely traveled children’s evangelist, to go with them. Boot readily agreed, as long as he could take his three buddies — Oscar the Pig, Smithfield the Swine, and Cecilia Swine — with him.

Miranda’s mother, Mrs. Tanja Walczak, explained what Miranda, Sarah, and Boot would be doing on this missions trip.

[pmc_quote border_color=”#b2b2b2″ ]”Miranda and Sarah will be visiting 3 churches in South Korea. They will be teaching English to South Korean children a couple days a week, and North Korean refugee children as well, but they are also most excited about being allowed to use the Boot the Mule program in the Children’s church each Sunday.”[/pmc_quote]


tanjaBoot is so excited to help Miranda and Sarah reach boys and girls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in South Korea. He just wonders if the South Korean and North Korean children will learn to speak English with Boot’s country mule accent.

Boot gave his permission to post a couple of photos. In that one photo, Boot is proudly posing between Sarah and Miranda. In the other photo, Boot and the rest of the missions team are enjoying a cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee at the airport before boarding the jet bound for South Korea.


In our next newsletter, we hope to update you on the South Korea missions trip. In the meantime, if you want to hear Boot’s country mule accent, listen to some of his songs. Enjoy!

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