...from glory to glory, even as by
the Spirit of the Lord.
II Corinthians 3:18

Resources for the Home, Church, and School

Announcing the Retirement of Boot the Mule and Glory to Glory Ministries

Due to the increasing administrative burden of the ministry, with sadness and regret we announce the retirement of Boot the Mule and Glory to Glory Ministries, effective December 31, 2020.

For over 30 years, Glory to Glory Ministries has produced and distributed to hundreds of churches and thousands of families across America and the world a variety of Bible-centered, Christ-honoring literature, curriculum, and music dedicated to the glory of God. It has been our honor to work with a dedicated staff of friends and family members over the years to prepare the following:

• “The Methuselah Chronicles”
Thousands of readers have been blessed by this seven-book series of historical novels set in the time before the Flood, tracing the lives of Enoch, Methuselah, and Noah as they overcome, through faith in God, the same problems facing families today.

• Baptist History Curriculum: “The First 2,000 Years of Baptist History”
Hundreds of Independent Baptist churches, colleges, and families have used this curriculum on the crucial role of Baptist doctrine and Baptist history in contending for the faith, in spreading the Gospel, and in advancing religious and civil liberty.

• Junior Church Curriculum: “Thru the Bible with Boot the Mule”
Hundreds of churches have taught this three-year, Genesis-to-Revelation program for a Bible-believing church that has a heart for reaching children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ; the curriculum includes 101 original songs and weekly puppet skits by Christian attorney, author, and songwriter
Terry Lee Hamilton.

• Boot the Mule Musical Adventures for Children
Thousands of children (of all ages!) have been blessed by these four 45- minute musical adventure CDs following the adventures of Boot the Mule, the engineer on The Bible Express, as he travels across America telling boys and girls about Jesus; the four CDs contain dozens of original songs by Terry Lee Hamilton.

• Christmas & Easter Musicals for Local Churches
Over 500 churches have performed these musicals, suitable for presentation
on Sunday morning or Sunday evening, or on Friday or Saturday evening; each musical has original songs by Terry Lee Hamilton and accompanying sheet music and CD accompaniment.

Looking Forward >>>

In the coming years, I will be focusing on my novel-writing ministry, writing the several series of novels which I have already started (and not yet completed!). Thank you all for your prayers and support during the last thirty years. God bless you all!

Terry Lee Hamilton

  • You can keep up with my progress on upcoming novels at my author website, terryleehamilton.com.
  • At terryleehamilton.com, you can also continue to order copies of “The Methuselah Chronicles” and my Baptist History curriculum, “The First 2,000 Years of Baptist History.”
  • You can also order a digital copy “The Methusaleh Chronicles” at amazon.com.
  • You can always reach me at terry@terryleehamilton.com.